You Can Do Anything, But You Can’t Do Everything

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Save Time

I’ll handle the time-consuming tasks for you. Regain your time and give focus on what’s more important.

Save Money

Time is gold, time is money. If you think you’ve saved time by doing all by yourself, your wrong. You’re leaving thousands on your table by focusing the wrong thing. I’ll handle the backend so you can focus on gaining more sales.

Personal Care

I put a personal touch on every project that I handled. I know how much your business means to you and so do I. You can always count on me to care your business as much as you do. Your success is my success too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant, Virtual Personal Assistant, or often called as VAs are different from “Siri” or “Hey! Google” 🙂

They are people who provide assistance to entrepreneurs or any individual through online. People who help you out as personal assistant to run your business smoothly virtually.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I mostly work with small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, digital marketers, and other professional service providers.

What is your turn around time?

It depends on the project, but mostly, I will get back to you in an hour during my office hours. Other than that, If you sent me a task outside my office hours, I will get back to you with 6-12 hours.

Do you have subcontractors?

In most cases, I personally handle the tasks that you’ll send to me. However, in some rare cases that I feel like someone can do it better than me, I might hire someone to do it for you. But before I’ll make any decision, I will surely let you know first and foremost.

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What My Clients Say?

Novelyn did a great job for me as a VA. The work that I did ask her to do she did very well. If I have need of the help of a VA in the future, Novelyn will be high on my list of candidates.

Jon S


Awesome support! She definitely frees me from all those time-consuming, repetitive tasks. I highly recommend her.

Robin Gates

Novelyn is a good worker, very pleasant and good attitude. I would work with her again.


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