As a virtual assistant, it is crucial to stay organized and keep updated. When I started as a virtual assistant, it was so funny that I helped my clients organizing their pieces of stuff, but I am struggling to hold my own. The top 10 life-saver tools below, helped me overcome my dilemmas.

  1. Dropbox – Of all the cloud storage available on the market, Dropbox is my favorite. Aside from having access to my important files anywhere and collaborate it with my clients, it is also proven to be safe and secure. I can add additional security measure by putting a password and expiry date to the link I shared (this is only available to the pro version). Also, I can quickly retrieve unintentionally deleted files.
  2. Grammarly – This one helps me in my regular duties. Even if you are a pro at writing or proofreading, Grammarly helps you to do better. It doesn’t only help you improve your grammar; it also gives you suggestions on your wordings. (Free 1 week premium for new account)
  3. Canva – Are you struggling with creating graphics for your clients? Canva will be your best friend. With Canva, you can create social media banners, graphic ads, marketing graphic materials like a business card, and so much more. They also have beautiful templates for you to start with or start from scratch. Canva also has an easy to follow step-by-step tutorials.
  4. Zenmate – As a virtual assistant, most of our clients lives on the other side of the world. Technically, some websites restrict access to specific countries. Zenmate is a VPN service that allows me to access sites that are limited to my homeland. Not only that, but Zenmate also gives me security upon using public wifi and gives me the benefits of working outside my home office with lessening burden.
  5. LightShot – I know that there are a lot of screen-capturing tools available out there, but LightShot is my buddy. I find it easy and handy to use. Lightshot is available for Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE & Opera.
  6. LastPass – Being a virtual assistant, you are handling numerous login details for your clients. It is not easy to memorize them all. You can store it in a document on your local drive, but that is not handy and not secure. With LastPass, you can compile your login details and sort it to folders by client or by the type of website.
  7. Block and Focus – is a Chrome extension that helps me get to focus on my tasks. It allows me to block specific websites like social media sites in a specific amount of time. So you will be able to get more focused and get your things done. I am not sure about you, but I am sometimes distracted to check my Facebook newsfeed. So this one helps me a lot
  8. Full Page Screen Capture – is another important Chrome extension that allows you to capture the entire page of a site.
  9. oDrive – This one will be your favorite too. oDrive makes sense of cloud storage. Cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox for example, when you install these apps on your computer, it will still consume a space on your local disk. Now, with the help of oDrive, you can minimize the space they consume. oDrive lets you sync only those files that you are actually using and have other files un-sync, so they won’t waste space and only sync it when you need it. oDrive also let you manage multiple accounts of a cloud storage; like you can manage multiple Dropbox accounts on a single computer.
  10. CleanMyMac – This app is exclusive for Mac users. What I love about this is that it reminds me when my Mac needs to be clean up with junks. It keeps my computer neat and tidy. Plus, it quickly takes huge and old files, and it has an easy to use uninstaller.

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