talent poolingEven if there are a lot of highly skilled and talented individuals around you, it is still hard to find and bring the right one to your company. Human resourcing is a lengthy procedure, from the job posting up to the training period. It will take much of your time and might cost you a lot of money. Besides, not all the highly skilled professionals are the best for your company’s needs. You may also consider the following factors:

  1. Is her/his talent fits your needs?
  2. Can you afford his expected salary base on his/her capabilities?
  3. Is he/she an innovative person and willing to learn new things to empower his/her knowledge and use it for the benefits of your company?
  4. Is her/his loyalty can be yours? Can he/she make your company’s confidential information secret?
  5. Can you count on him/her during your company’s ups and downs?
  6. Will he/she care about your business?

These are just some of the factors that you can consider to find the best talents for your business. I know what you think; it is not that easy to find a talent that has these skills. Now, let’s just say, you find the right one, you succeed in making him/her work for you. But there are still treats that you will lose this asset of yours. Now, here are the best practices to retain your best talents:

  1. Competitive Salary – Be realistic, you know the worth of your talent’s ability. You know how much his/her worth, so give justice to his/her worth in the success of your company.
  2. Bonus – Aside from giving them the right salary, you may also consider giving them bonuses for any successful projects. This will keep them motivated to work much better for the next round.
  3. Learn to Appreciate – However, not all appreciation of their work will cost you money. You can say “thank you”, “good job”, “nice work”, or other motivational words to keep them going.
  4. Be a Leader – Instead of saying “do it!” you can say “let’s do it” or a simple “we can do it” will make them the feeling that you are on their side. Be a leader rather than a boss. Being a leader to your employees will not decrease your authority, besides you will earn respect from them.
  5. Be a Family – Treat them as your family rather than your regular employees. Be considerate and know their needs. When you treat them as your family, you can ensure that you can have their loyalty.


Having best talents in your company is a gem that you have to treasure. It is not easy to start a new relationship over and over again. That is why it is crucial to building a long-term relationship with your employees whether they are inside your company building or outsourced like freelancers. Even if their salary is not that high, if you know how to treat them, you can still gain their respect and loyalty. No matter what, a good employee-employer relationship will keep you away from any risk, and it will be a benefit for the both of you. The best talents are just like a piece of your jigsaw puzzle; you need them to complete the puzzle.

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