Nowadays, I know how hard it is to land a job in both online and local. Even if you already have the experience, you cannot assure that you can get the position. You have to compete with the other candidates who are also qualified for the post. The main issue is that recruiters or employers only take an average of 6 seconds before making an initial decision who fit or not. In this kind of competition, you need to have a flawless and professional resume to grab the attention of the recruiter or the employer.

  1. In writing your resume, use only the basic fonts. It is important to use the basic fonts because it is easy and it looks more professional.
  2. Put your name at the top. Don’t forget to include your updated contact details like email address, phone number, etc.
    Consider writing a short objective that will showcase who you are and what you are looking for. Limit this statement up to 2-3 sentences. Write it in a paragraph form and avoiding using bullets.
  3. In writing your experience, only include the most relevant. I know that you may have a lot of work experience and you are proud of it. But I suggest that you should only include your most relevant work experience.
  4. Do not include so much information that will only lead to distraction and confusion. Make it pleasing to the eye. Have your name stand out by making it bigger and bold than others. Bullet your accomplishments.
  5. Use bullet points to list your responsibilities and accomplishments in every work experience. Limit your bullets in no more than 5. Don’t use whole sentences.
  6. In listing your accomplishments, try to quantify it. If you cannot put numbers in your accomplishments, try to link the impact of your presence to the company’s point of sales. Like for example, if you are in charge in a marketing campaign, you can say that you have reached the company’s target market without costing much in advertising.
  7. Keep your education section short. Only include your college university name, degree, and the year you graduated. Do not include your high school achievements and activities unless you are a minor and have no education or any training beyond high school. Education Section should also be placed at the end of the resume.
  8. I highly suggest that you should avoid listing your hobbies and interests. Employers don’t care about this. Especially if it is not relevant to the position that you are applying for.
  9. I know that you have past clients that are willing to be your reference but avoid including this to your resume. Sending unsolicited information other what is necessary may hurt your application. If an employer needs any reference before proceeding, they will ask you. Also, avoid writing “reference available upon request.” This will make an employer think that you are not that confident to get the job on your own.
  10. It is best to use chronological format resume. Many employers hate to see a functional resume. This makes them think that you are hiding something. Like employment gap, job-hopping, or out-dated skills. Employers will be interested reading a work history with dates.
  11. Even if you have a minimal professional experience, it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer. Highlight your relevant skills that you can use as an asset to the position that you are applying.
  12. Give time to personalize your resume. It’s worth it. Use relevant keywords from the job posting. This is because many companies are now using online recruitment tools to sift through resumes.
  13. And the last but not the less, don’t reveal everything. I know I said that you should highlight you’re the best of your best, but you should limit it only enough to grab the attention of the employer. The goal of the resume is to get you an interview with the company. Therefore, you should not reveal everything. It’s like they will be looking for the part 2 of a thriller movie.
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